Vayu Water Bottle Label

Water Bottle Label Design

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For my design I chose to use the Hindu Deity, Vayu, God of the wind. Vayu is associated life breath and is often depicted using the colors blue, purple, and white. His main attribute is a white flag that he carries. So, when designing the letter "V" I incorporated a waving banner. Also, in Hindu mythology Yayu was known as a very mischievous, stubborn God. At one point another God challenged him to blow the top off of a mythological mountain named, Mount Meru. It is said that Vayu tried for a full year to blow off the top but was unsuccessful as the mountain was being protected by  another deity. At the moment the other deity has his back turned, Vayu successfully blew off the top of Mount Meru and threw it into the ocean. In present day it is said the top of Mount Meru is now the location of the Island of Sri Lanka. On my label I indicate the water is bottled from the Mahaweli River in Sri Lanka.

By doing some additional research on Hinduism, I learned there are five "pranas" that conduct the human system. Prana is the life force and is the energy responsible for the body's life. Both prana and vayu are connected as vayu (air) is necessary for prana (life). I kept this in mind as I began to design the label. I wanted the label to be very simple and light.

To keep my theme of simplicity throughout the design, I stuck with two variants of the same font. I chose Myriad Pro because the font is legible and clean as is. The font on water bottles is often smaller and I did not want to have to bold or italicize font in order to keep the legibility. The letter "V" was hand drawn by myself.

My color choices are based on the colors associated with this deity. Also, since Vayu is the god of air I kept the color theme minimal so that the design would look light.

For variety I added flavored water label design so show that the label is versatile and can be altered easily.
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